2017 Senior Intercollegiate Piano Competition

This year’s Beethoven Senior Intercollegiate Piano Competition will take place on Sunday, 3 December 2017, 2:30pm at the St Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London NW1 3PH.

Peter Bithell, Martino Tirimo, Angela Brownridge

The Competition piano is a VC Bösendorfer concert grand.

1) Bagatelle in Eb, Op.33 No.1 WITH REPEATS
2) Any complete Beethoven piano sonata (excluding Op.49, Nos.1 & 2 & Op.106 “Hammerklavier”). As an alternative to a sonata, pianists may perform Variations and Fugue in Eb Major Op.35, Eroica Variations.

1. Exposition repeats in first movements in normal sonata form SHOULD NOT be observed. Repeats of development and recapitulation, where present, should also be omitted.
2. Exposition repeats in other movements in sonata form should be omitted. An exception is the Op.10 No.2 finale, where the first repeat should be observed but not the second.
3. The large repeats in the second sections of Op.54 and Op.57 finales should be omitted.
4. Normal repeats in second movements, slow movements, minuet/scherzo and trios movements and Variations should be observed.

Each competitor will have 10 minutes to warm up at the competition piano starting at 2pm. The Markson’s showroom, which is a short walk from the church, with digital pianos will be available from 10am and throughout the day.

The whole competition is expected to finish by 8pm (including prize announcements), depending on the number of candidates.

The First-Prizewinner will be invited to take part in the BPSE Competition-winners’ Recitals series.

All candidates will receive a year’s complimentary membership of the Society.




This year’s Competition is being held at St Mary Magdalene Church by kind permission of Markson’s Pianos who are making available their wonderful Bősendorfer VC concert grand piano for the occasion. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Simon Markson for hosting us.