St. Mary’s Perivale Chopin Festival 2022

All the important piano music played by 20 pianists in 5 sessions.
Session 5: Sunday 2 October 7–10pm

Chopin and Beethoven are not so far apart after all! Many of our prizewinning pianists and others who have given memorable concerts for us are performing in this celebratory weekend of most of Chopin’s works at St Mary’s Perivale, organised by our friend, member and great supporter of BPSE Hugh Mather.

BPSE pianists who are performing in the festival include Meng Yang Pan, Ashley Fripp, Callum McLachlan, Julian Trevelyan, Patrick Hemmerlé, Thomas Kelly, Dinara Klinton, Sasha Grynyuk, Yuanfan Yang, Roman Kosyakov as well as our Chairman Julian Jacobson. Entrance is free – come and go as you please – and the whole festival will be live streamed online. Donations welcome.

Programme and streaming details:

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