Volume 8

Arietta no. 8, 2014, features:

  • Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations: Its Autograph Score, and Moises Kaufman’s 33 Variations –William Kinderman
  • Structural Implications of the Double Bars in the Autograph of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations Barry Cooper
  • The Viennese Forerunners of the ‘Diabelli’ Project Erica Buurman
  • The Origins of Beethoven’s Twenty-Third ‘Diabelli’ Variation, Op.120 –Sian Derry
  • View from the Top: High Registral Structure in Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations Op.120 –Malcolm Miller
  • Beethoven’s Spiritual Journey: The Sonata in A-Flat Major, Op.110 –Jim MacKay
  • Beethoven as Pianista? The Reception of Beethoven’s Piano Music in Italy through the 1860s –Aaron S. Allen
  • A Cultural Background to Beethoven’s Scottish Folk Song Arrangements: The Edinburgh Musical Society as Eighteenth-Century Scottish Dignity –Clare Taylor
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration – Winners and Juries of all the BPSE Competitions
  • Reviews of concerts, recordings, books and music as well as BPSE news and views
  • In Memoriam—Bernard Roberts (1933-2013)—BPSE UK President (2000-2013)

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