Privacy Policy

The Beethoven Piano Society of Europe takes the issue of data privacy very seriously. We are committed to being fully compliant with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This means that we hold only the minimal amount information required in order to perform the services that our members expect to receive; that we do not share our members’ data with any third parties (other than for legitimate purposes, such as with HMRC for processing Gift Aid claims); that we ensure that any data that we hold is adequately secured; and that any data that is no longer required (for example that of lapsed members) is promptly deleted.

Personal information we collect
We collect the basic minimum information required in order to provide the services that our members expect to receive. This will normally be limited to name, postal address and/or e-mail address and nature of membership (annual, lifetime, corporate, etc.) We prefer to communicate with our members by e-mail as this keeps our costs down, but members are welcome to request that we communicate with them only by post. We do not insist on an e-mail address being provided. In accordance with the GDPR, our members have the right to check that information we hold about them and to correct it and/or delete it as appropriate.

What we use the information for
We use the information that we hold in order to provide our members with information relevant to the activities of the society. We inform our members about events that we organise, including recitals and competitions, and we send out a regular newsletter. We will also contact our members on an occasional basis in connection with the renewal of their subscriptions, where appropriate, or other matters connected with the administration of their membership of the society. All our newsletters sent by e-mail, and any other e-mails containing information relevant to the society, contain a link enabling members to unsubscribe.