2021 Junior Intercollegiate Piano Competition

This year’s Beethoven Junior Intercollegiate Piano Competition will take place on Sunday, 28 February 2020 at Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire (OX14 2HR).

to be announced


  1. A compulsory bagatelle Op.119 no.4 in A major with repeats.
  2. Any complete Beethoven piano sonata (excluding Op.49, Nos.1 & 2 & Op.106 Hammerklavier”). As an alternative to a sonata, pianists may perform Variations in F Major Op.34 (WITH all repeats) or 32 Variations in C Minor.


  1. Exposition repeats in first movements in normal sonata form should not be observed.
  2. Repeats of development and recapitulation, where present, should also be omitted.
  3. Exposition repeats in other movements in sonata form should be omitted. An exception is the Op.10 No.2 finale, where the first repeat should be observed but not the second.
  4. The large repeats in the second sections of Op.54 and Op.57 finales should be omitted.
  5. Normal repeats in second movements, slow movements, minuet/scherzo and trios movements and Variations should be observed.


The First Prizewinner will be invited to take part in the BPSE Competition-winners’ Recitals series. Prizewinners will receive a cash prize and a year’s complimentary membership of the Society (until 31st March 2022).


We would like to express our deep gratitude to Radley College for hosting the 28th BPSE Senior Intercollegiate Piano Competition and 22nd BPSE Junior Intercollegiate Piano Competition.